Since 1951 Mokarabia has always been present in the field to bring to life the flavor of tradition, the authentic taste of Italian style and the true pleasure of coffee … and therefore it could not miss this year the Eismann 2020 Convention as well.

Last Saturday 18 January, the annual Eismann Kick-off meeting was held at the Palaverdi (Fiere di Parma), at which Mokarabia was present with its own stand. A day full of news and excitement, conducted by the General Manager of Eismann Giovanni Paolino with the collaboration of Giorgio Mastrota.

Excitement that became concrete especially for Mokarabia, since the company was awarded the best supplier of 2019. The motivations that pushed Eismann to deliver the award were the quality of the products, no disputes and no delay in deliveries.

The event brought together Eismann Italia all over the world (sales force, headquarters, branches).

Among the topics covered, the most important news for 2020, including the new catalog, digitization, the awarding of the most deserving Distributors and an exciting, as well as fun, focus on social issues, with the results of Eismann fundraisers for “Città della Speranza” and for the “Don Mazzi Youth Centers”.

Among the many guests of the day there were Giorgio Mastrota, Filippo Galli, Giovanni Mazzi and Marco Righetti.