The quality of raw materials, the history handed down over the years, the growing innovation, new designs studied specifically to enjoy the true Italian espresso.In its stand, Mokarabia will have the great pleasure to present to the automatic distribution operators its complete offer, always richer in innovative proposals.

All this in order to meet all the needs of professionals of the sector, guaranteed by a leading company that has spread worldwide the excellence of the authentic Italian espresso.

Mokarabia will introduce new products into the market, including compatible capsules, a range restyling and new designs of automatic distribution machines that aim at a qualitative and a graphic performance in accordance with the Italian tradition.

A lot of new innovations for the world of capsules: special self-protected capsule able to keep the coffee aroma, new flavours and new drinks will be soon available to be sold in the market.

The stand will have spaces dedicated to the discovery of the true italian espresso tradition. Meetings will take place in order to know and taste the tradition and the quality of Mokarabia coffee and there will be an oppurtunity to have great news presented, to underline the importance of Mokarabia in this channel.

Innovation, history and quality will be highlighted to underline how much the group is constantly researching and experiencing new ideas and products.


We looking forward to seeing you!