Mokarabia writes a new chapter of his history and do it in Garbagnate, a little centre a few kilometers from Milan. For many years the country has been the headquarter of the company and from 2016 it returned to be a big deposit for the storage of the products. From this warehouse, all coffee will go then to provide the Italian market and the foreign market.

A big emotion for all staff, expecially for historical ones that have experienced it very much in person the beginning of Mokarabia’s history and they can’t come back with the memory to these years when the company was born. At first under the railway station, in Via Sammartini, when it still belonged at the lady Invernizzi.

Few employees, just six in the roasting. Here started the production and the direct sales at our costumers.

Then in the 1969 the transfer in Garbagnate, a larger deposit, two roasters and most modern machines. Mokarabia in those years bought important customers as the Pasticceria Cova at Via Montenapoleone, and different important restaurants, the most renowned of the city. After some time the company experienced a new development, the Export, but only after the purchase of the roasting from the forward-looking Zanetti’s  Family.

«This opening in Garbagnate – comment Luca Giani , CEO of Mokarabia – it’s a part of a brand story that see the tradition and our history as essential values. We believe, that the cultural heredity and the productive potential of a brand it is a big incentive for the competitive, especially in a market very fast and innovative as the current. For this the push towards the future was born and grown within a great respect toward what has been for Mokarabia.»