The position in the market of the historic brand also passes through the new web site that the famous Italian coffee company has just now inaugurated.

The web site looks like a real sensory journey, through the streets of taste and good taste of Italian coffee, starting from the same  brand’s origin

A history from over 60 years and that describes the evolution of Italian tradition,while keeping  intact the  ancient taste that makes it immediately recognizable Mokarabia as an expression of quality, goodness and Made in Italy.


The Italian taste speaks digital


Mokarabia has wanted so reinforce the brand in Italy and abroad through a modern digital display, easy and quick. The site is in fact responsive, therefore suitable for every type of digital device like tablet or smartphone. In it also integrated with social networks, allowing great interaction with costumers and users.

n the portal, the user can satisfy many curiosities: from new blends to working, from the most modern recipes to the most strange combinations, to know in the best way a product of excellent such as coffee Mokarabia.


Services for the professional and the consumer

The new site has been designed to offer a full service for professionals in the horeca market and the final consumer.

It includes, a rich line professional of technology solutions and products ideal for hotel, restaurants and bars including complementaries in perfect style mokarabia.

The home line proposes a wide range of monouse capsules, paper pods, born from the selection of the most valuable blends suitable for the most common coffee machines through a quick and easy patented system.

For the consumer also has been created the e-commerce section, that allows practical and quick purchases of capsules, pods, but also coffee machines and accessories.